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Monday, August 29, 2011

What is game

So by popular demand I am going to write a few posts on game and how it appears in the Bible. First things first as I've found that most writing on game tends to assume a certain amount of knowledge on the subject, and only rarely contains explicitly defined core concepts, I'm going to do my best to bring you up to speed so that you can go on to read more about the subject by authors far better versed than myself.

So what is game? According to the Standford Evcyclopedia of Philosophy it is “Game theory is the study of the ways in which strategic interactions among economic agents produce outcomes with respect to the preferences (or utilities) of those agents”. So in the broadest sense game is art of using social interactions to gain a competitive advantage. That being said most of the focus of practitioners of game is to achieve sexual success with women. This does not mean that this is the only use of game, but that is the driving force behind the development of the social models.

Another thing you should know is that game theorists like to use a lot of acronyms, so as I'm layout out the foundation I'll try and get as many acronyms as I can remember and provide the definitions.

At the core of game theory is the idea of the sexual market place. Everyone is in said marketplace and has a sexual market value (SMV). There are two ways that people are valued: for sex and for a long term relationship (LTR). For men most things that add to their sex value add to the LTR value as well, but the inverse is not true. For women the sex value and LTR value can be in conflict, and in fact a woman can boost her sex value by sacrificing LTR value. Specifically a woman can increase the number of options that she has for men willing to sleep with her by making herself easily sexually available, but this also reduces the number of options she has in men who will be willing to commit to her for a long term relationship or marriage.

Most men, in western society anyway, come with fairly high built in LTR value but not very good sex value. Basically all men and women won't even look at LTR value unless they are first interested in the sex value. So the goal of game practitioners is to use game theory to boost their sex value. And I'm mostly going to focus on men, because their sex value is much more complex than a woman's. Women's sex value is determined by looks, health, and fertility, in that order. And there are some interesting things there, such as the fact that women are more attractive when they are ovulating, or that long hair is more attractive than short hair due to the fact that it indicates better health (sorry to you short haired women who have been tricked by all the polite men who will never say that they don't like your hair, and by all the women who had a positive reaction because subconsciously they see their SMV go up as another woman's goes down). But the meat of the theory is in making men more attractive.

So what makes men attractive? From what I've read and observed, I would say that the hierarchy goes dominance, pre-selection, power, and good looks. Notice how upside down it is from what determines a woman's SMV.

Power and good looks are pretty self explanatory. Pre-selection is the term used to describe the fact that women what men that other women want. This is what allows rock stars to do so well with women, they can be complete winers and passive aggressive bitches who preform like this but when they preform on stage and get so many people cheering for them, all other attraction switches are overridden. Now pre-selection is very important in game theory and plays a big part in learning how to work a room, but most of the meat of the theory is how to be socially dominant.

More terms: to act dominant is to be alpha, to act submissive is to be beta. Some one who acts generally dominant as referred to as an alpha male, and one who is generally compliant is referred to as a beta male. Most authors use these terms although some have more sophisticated hierarchies, and it is not uncommon to refer to the very bottom of the male social heap as omega.

The first and perhaps biggest thing is to being alpha is to start passing shit tests. A shit test, also less commonly referred to as a fitness test, is when a woman says or does something to get a man to qualify himself, to apologize, or to do something unearned or unwarranted. One of the most often cited shit tests is a woman coming up to you in a bar and asking for a drink. If you buy her a drink, that lets her sort you into the beta category and classify you as unfit. Another example would be if you girlfriend says to you “You never make time for me. You don't really care about me at all!”. Responses such as saying your sorry, and giving excuses as to why you've been busy or whatever are all failures.

The 3 main ways to pass a shit test are to ignore it, agree and amplify, or reframe it. So to show all the options here lets look at the shit test “Does this dress make me look fat?”. “No honey, you look beautiful” failed. “” (ignored) not very creative, but you didn't fail. “Yeah, it makes you look like a walrus having a heart attack” (agreed and amplified) passed, although probably not appropriate if there are any actual body image issues there. “Wow, your pretty vain about your looks” (reframe) passed with flying colors, now you've made it so that instead of being on the spot expected to make consoling statements, she's on the spot having to justify herself to you.

And this post is already getting to long, so I'll be putting the rest in the next one.

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