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Thursday, November 10, 2016

What will we tell our daughters?

I'm hearing this a lot on social media.  "How will we explain to our daughters about how a misogynist won the presidency?" But just remember what these people wanted to tell their sons.  That they are racist, sexist bigots simply for the conditions of their birth.  That they will not deserve what they have no matter how hard they work, because privilege.  So our sons need to be shamed, shunned, and attacked.

They are driving their sons to commit suicide, or to mutilate their genitals and start calling themselves girls in an act of penance.  What they are saying and doing is evil.  And they deserve no sympathy.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Judgment Cycle

There is a theme in the Bible where God will take certain steps before leveling judgment.  There seem to be two aspects to it.  One is that He is showing mercy to sinners by giving them every possible chance to repent.  The other is that He is stripping away all deceit and plausible deniability, leaving the evil in them bare before destroying them.

You see this with Cain and the people before the flood.  God protected Cain to stop a cycle of murder and feuds from happening.  The whole world became engulfed in murder regardless.  So they were destroyed.

Pharaoh was told to let the Israelites go.  He didn't listen.  He was shown miracle after miracle, and still didn't believe.  Finally he was downed in the Red Sea.

The Israelites were brought into the desert.  They were shown miracle after miracle.  They never stopped being faithless and cowardly.  Finally they were judged to wandering in the desert until they died.

And the process goes on with Israel being prosperous when obeying God and then in their prosperity ditching God for paganism, and suffering drought, famine, locusts, and losing wars.  This cycle is described explicitly in the books of the prophets such as the book of Amos.  I don't want to reprint all of Amos 4, 5 and 6, but the summary is that Israel has been levying unjust taxes, and allowing the powerful to act without regard to justice.  So God has sent prophets, and they did not repent.  And drought, and they did not repent.  And blight, and they did not repent.  And war, and they did not repent.  And so because they would not hear their sins, and they would not respond to the increasing pain God has put them through for continuing to ignore Him, He is now going to destroy them.

I can't help but think of this current election cycle and be concerned.  Haven't we been seeing this?  Haven't we seen a country that celebrates murdering children in the womb?  And for those children that are not murdered, don't we see them being degraded and corrupted by earlier and earlier exposure to sex in the school system?  Haven't we seen our children targeted for corruption by entertainment such as Hannah Montana which morphed into Miley Cyrus, and is merely the latest in a long line of Disney child entertainers turned professional slut.

Killing, degrading, and corrupting children has been a clear part of the liberal agenda since before I was born.  And now leaks have come out that clearly show that Hillary and her inner circle are occult pedophiles.  And yet whats really shocking is that this is shocking.  We knew.  If you ask the question, what would occult pedophiles do if they controlled government, schools, and media, the answer would be what they've been doing for decades.

I've been part of Evangelical Christian institutions all my life.  I went to a Evangelical Christian high school, college, and church.  And not one of them has had the honesty and courage to take a stand and name this evil.  Sure some individuals within have but other individuals who openly aligned with the satanic agenda of the democratic party have also been tolerated.  They've made the absurd case that it's about being nice to people.  Well now we explicitly know.  It's about this.
The rationalizations have been striped away.  The evil is laid bare.  What will you do?  What will your church do?  The opportunities to repent before judgment are running out fast.