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Monday, August 22, 2011

Impression Politics

Today my co-worker shared with me that he could not stand Michelle Bachman. Now personally I'm not a fan of hers myself. She has made a lot of mistakes such as voting for the wall street bail out. You know, the one where they said that if they didn't get $7,000,000,000 in the next week or so that ATMs would stop putting out money, dogs would marry cats, muslims would became pacifists, and the amish would commit acts of terrorism. That same one that took several months to finally reach the floor for a vote, with only one amish man driving a horse and buggy into the local post office, and yet still Michelle was tricked into handing over billions of taxpayer money to some individuals who laughed all the way to the banks that they own. Nor did she learn from that either when Obama's stimulus bill was on the table.

So I was hoping that my co-worker had some intelligent reason for not being able to stand MB. But no, it was that she is like too conservative and christian man. And unfortunately he is the third most politically aware individual I know.

The truth is that he only thinks that because the media makes a consented effort to cast her in that light. And the only reason that they do that is because any woman holding political office who is somewhere to the right of the position that it is okay for a women to eat their own babies makes their heads explode. Satan instantly brings them back of course, but they still find it really annoying.

Being at work, I decided not to start an argument as I'm sure it would have lasted a long time and been a misuse of time during which I am on the clock. So I merely left it at “I could not disagree more.” When I have more time in these situations what I like to do is ask for details and watch the ensuing collapse as instead of telling me things about how they voted or positioned themselves on issues they resort to relying on Bill Maher bits. In case you didn't know Bill Maher is the serious political commentator who fully believed that Brazil had replaced all of its oil use with ethanol.

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