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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Feminism IS rape culture

Turns out we were wrong.  There actually is a rape culture in the west.  And it's not the result of importing Islam.  It's found in the political enclaves of the Left.  So it may be fair that we didn't see it, and mocked it's existence.  It seemed that all the accusations where an example of them throwing anything at the Right to see if it sticks, but it turns out the third Law of SJWs applied.  It was projection.

So if you want to be a rapist here are the steps.

  1. Gain power or notoriety (the easiest way is to become a teacher or a youtube commentator).  
  2. Publicly espouse leftist positions, specifically Feminism
  3. Rape
Do it in that order, and all leftist institutions will come to your aid, and bully your victims into silence.  It's only in the last few months that this formula has been breaking down.  However, it's worked for decades before now.
  1. Ted Kennedy: much like Harvey Weinstein, it's always been known that he would get drunk and assault the women around him.  But because of his following the above formula, all we have to go on is anecdotes, the most significant perhaps being a case in 1985 where he threw himself on top of a waitress and attempted to rape her, being stopped by another waitress entering the room.  Of course we just have a few eye witness accounts, no police reports or any court cases.  And Ted Kennedy was celebrated through out his life, and is still referred to as the lion of the senate by news sources that complain about rape culture.
  2. Roman Polaski: in 1976, he drugged a 13 year old girl, and anally raped her while she cried and begged him to stop.  Like most of these guys, everybody knew or had heard that this was the kind of thing he did.  Feminists who complain about rape culture still defend him to this day.  
  3. Bill Clinton: he's another guy everybody knew engaged in sexual assault and rape.  After being raping Juanita Broaddrick lay on the bed to afraid to move or respond, with her clothes torn and her lip bleeding.  Bill Clinton told her to put some ice on that before leaving the room.  He is still talked about fondly in the left wing media.
  4. Hillary Clinton: by her own words she help a guilty child rapist go free as a lawyer, and she would then go and intimidate Bill Clinton's victims.  Feminists are still angry that they would not able to get this champion of rape culture elected president.  
And it's not just high profile people like that. 

  1. Male Feminist professor Hugo Schwyzer was know for his outspoken support of feminism.  Turns out he had a habit of harassing his female students, and leveraging his power over them for sex.  There were many complaints against him, but he was largely celebrated until admitting his crimes in a twitter melt down.  You may have to dig to find past coverage of him, because it's been largely scrubbed.  
  2. Feminist youtuber Aleksandr Kolpakov murdered one of his partners.  After this it came out that while he was working as a feminist youtuber, he had been generally abusive towards the women around him.  But the community worked to hide this fact.  
  3. Mo Fathelbab is a comedy club owner and outspoken male feminist.  He's also a rapist.  You can still google his name and mostly see either articles written by him, or glowingly about him.  Presumably he's still taking advantage of his position to rape sleeping women.
  4. Hart Noecker was a well know local activist.  He'd written articles for local organizations and was mentioned in them as well.  He'd also been raping women for years.  He'd use his social capital to get women in compromising situations and then rape them.  
That's just from a few minuets of googling.  Feminism IS rape culture.

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