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Monday, August 29, 2016

The Cuck Mindset

All of us use frameworks when dealing with information about the world.  It’s simply not possible to deal with every piece of information we come across in a completely open minded honest way.  We simply don’t have the mental horsepower and time for that.  So we put together a bunch of rules in our mind that allows us to filter information as being worthy of our time or not.  So for example, if you were to tell me that half of married women will at some point have a bone broken by their husbands, I’d assume you are a liar or are quoting a liar, because feminists lie all the time.  My rule of thumb is that studies that support feminist narratives are either made up or manipulated to achieve a specific result.  I didn’t always think that.  But after seeing it so many times, I don’t even bother to research such claims anymore.

A good mental framework is a very useful thing.  It helps you cut through the crap and find the truth much faster.  And as I said before, we all need one to a lesser or greater extent.  But the problem is that all frameworks are flawed.  By their nature, frameworks are abstractions which is a form of a simplification.  So all frameworks are too simple to accurately describe reality.  

To prove the point, consider a framework that is far more accurate than any political framework we will ever develop, the base 10 number system.  For those not familiar with the term, the base 10 number system refers to the fact that we only use 10 digits for our number system.  That is to say that if you have a number greater than 9, instead of making up new digits you simply use combinations of the digits you already have.  It works great because by doing this and memorizing addition and subtraction with the 10 digits you have, you can extrapolate that out to numbers of any size without any more memorization.  The problem is that the base 10 system is full of holes.  Consider the problem if 22 divided by 7.  If you calculate that out you get something close to pi.  And like pi, you’ll never finish calculating the number because the decimal goes on forever.  However, if you express the problem in base 7, it’s no problem.  In base seven 22 comes out to 31, and 7 comes out to 10.  In base 7 the number is 3.1, no infinite decimal.  So you can see that a number system that reuses digits as a means of convenience is flawed.  And given that our brains need to rely on a flawed system for something as simple and objective as division, how much more must all of our frameworks be flawed when dealing with something as complex and subjective as politics.  

This is the problem with cuckservatives.  They have a framework that they have developed in response to political situations of the past, and it’s no longer serving them.  This is the danger with political frameworks.  If you are not sensitive to them, instead of updating and revising your thinking when you get conflicting information, you just stick the new information wherever it fits best in your current framework, regardless of whether it makes any sense.  

This is what most cucks are doing.  They have their framework for evaluating politics, and the alt-right has no place in it.  So for example, in looking for what went wrong with the GWB presidency, one thing that caused it to fail was a lack of principles.  GWB was just governing by the seat of his pants, and largely making it up as he went, doing what was popular more than doing what was right.  So in the cuck mind, not having principles means chasing popularity and power.  So when they correctly see that Trump and the alt right are not principled, they put us in that box.  And because they have been burned in the past, they won’t be swayed.  So it doesn’t matter that Trump already has popularity and power, or that he regularly takes unpopular stances.  They are not going to budge.  

The problems that we face today are not the same as the problems Regan faced.  The Cold War is over, and today we are the nation that is overthrowing governments and forcing our way of life on unwilling subjects.  Our news media is the ministry of truth.  Our currency is the means by which some members of society are more equal than others.  Russia on the other hand is talking about returning to the gold standard, is promoting families and children, keeps homosexual out of jobs where they could easily abuse children, has strong rights for the unborn, and openly supports and promotes the Christian Church.  This does not matter to the cuck though, because the U.S.S.R. is evil.  

And it doesn’t end there.  The conservative framework had flaws all along, that at the start seemed small, but we can now see are fatal.  The biggest thing being that conservatives ignored culture.  The thought was always that if you pursued principled politics and economics that culture would work itself out.  But history has shown that to be wrong.  As Andrew Breitbart said, politics is downstream from culture.  

And so the cuck will continue to let their framework do their thinking for them, being either too afraid or too lazy to abandon it.

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