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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A retarded statement

Something I've been hearing and reading a lot lately is the statement “I don't believe in divorce.” People don't say that they don't believe in murder, or theft, or rape. And with good reason. That reason being that those things exist whether you believe in them or not. Murderers, thieves, and rapists are not like Tinkerbell. They don't require your belief to exist. They don't go away if you merely fail to stand by and clap your hands. In the same way, no judge in a divorce hearing is going to ask you whether or not you believe in divorce. That is not currently a part of family law.

So believe in the immorality of divorce all you want, but act in accordance with the knowledge that it does exist and it can happen whether you want it to or not.


  1. "I don't believe in divorce"

    Yeah, and I bet Nicole Simpson didn't believe in stabbing people to death either...

  2. I probably shouldn't have laughed at that...

  3. Of course, this is a semantics error: they ought to say they don't believe in divorcing. Of course, many who have ended up divorcing, may well have thought that, at the start of their marriage; best to watch for red flags, while courting / dating...

    1. That is true, but the phrasing works as a kind of shield, and most people who I hear saying it say it in such a way as to imply that the dangers of divorce do not apply to them or their spouse because they both don't believe in it. But that's silly because everyone that gets married (for the most part) goes into it thinking divorce is unthinkable. And the false sense of protection gets much clearer if you phrase it correctly: "We don't believe divorce is moral" instead of "We don't believe in divorce".