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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Don't be a cuck, stand with Milo

One thing that has become increasingly clear in the past few years is that to be an effective leader in the culture wars, simply having the correct ideas is not enough.  In addition to having the correct ideas, being smart, and being a thought leader, it is necessary to entertain.  And while being entertaining will get you somewhere, even that’s limited.  You also need the type of personality that seeks out conflict.  And you have to be able to out maneuver the media.  

This is why Milo is so brilliant.  There are some people who think that he’s gotten to where he is simply because he’s a gay conservative, but they are wrong.  With his verbal skills, combined with his humor, and his ability to outright troll the media, he would be a star no matter what.  But when you throw on top that the typical leftist dismissal tactic of calling anyone they disagree with a Nazi is simply absurd when applied to a gay jew, and you have a super star.  

So in Milo you have an individual who is conservative, funny, embraces rather than avoids conflict, can troll the media, AND can’t reasonably be called a Nazi because he is a gay jew.  It’s not a shock that he has been effective in changing our culture.  And make no mistake, he has been effective.  His appearances on TV, college tours, and writings on gamergate, have all done tremendous work in getting the word out on how crazy SJWs are.  A lot of other people are currently riding this cultural wave, but Milo is one of the very few people who can claim to have had a hand in creating it.  

Since I’ve been aware of Milo, who came to my attention during gamergate, he’s been taking scalps.  He helped destroy that particular SJW movement, he’s made it ok to show conservatism on college campuses again, and he’s help get Trump elected.  

This is why the left has orchestrated a media hit job on him.  The twisted sub-humans in the media, after finding that Nazi didn’t work switched to pedophile.  These are the same scum that were trying to normalize it just a few months ago.  Lena Dunham, who openly sexually molested her sister while her sister was a toddler, is celebrated.  Salon put up an article about how pedophilia is just another sexual orientation (which is taken down just yesterday).  They don’t care about keeping children safe from sexual predators (quite the opposite), they care about hitting an effective conservative with a smear that will stick in the christian conservative community.  That’s it.  And if you go along with the people who clearly have an agenda of degrading children, all the while thinking you’re fighting against pedophilia, well that would make you a cuck.  Don't be a cuck. Stand with Milo.

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