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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Is Principled Conservatism Wrong?

I used to be into principled conservatism.  But after stumbling my way into the manosphere, I’ve found that it’s a concept I no longer believe in.  The idea is that conservatives should have principles that they follow, and as long as they are followed, they’ll lead to better government.  This is true for both the voters and the politicians.  

Here’s the thing.  Communists have principles too.  And as a good conservative I learned to mock communists, not because their principles are wrong, but because communism doesn’t work.  It’s been tried.  Over and over.  And at the end of the day it’s a failed system.  

But why?  Why does communism fail?  As a former good conservative I know the answer.  It’s because human nature doesn’t work that way.  You can say “from each according their ability and to each according to their need” till you’re blue in the face.  Without extra incentives, you’ll be lucky to get people to do the bare minimum.  And everyone is going to claim to need much more than they do if it’s free.  So sorry communists.  Your system doesn’t work.  

The hard part is that we can turn that same logic on ourselves, and if you are still a principled conservative, it doesn’t turn out too well.  Let’s look at some.  One principle is that if you take the high road and don’t get into the mud with your opponents throwing around petty insults, you’ll win in the long run.  How’s that worked out?  Trump didn’t subscribe to that at all, and he steam rolled 18 “above it” contestants.  

Maybe getting into the mud like Trump did isn’t going to win every time, but it did this time.  And if you principles only apply sometimes, they are not principles at all.  

And that’s not all.  As a good conservative I used to believe that constitutional democracy was the best form of government, and that all people would prefer it if only they could throw off their chains and try it.  The Arab spring sure proved me wrong there.  I used to think that America had a transformational way of life, and that the huddled masses of immigrants coming here would be changed with a taste of freedom.  After looking at voter trends, I’ve been disabused of that one as well.  Of course as a Christian, I shouldn’t have been fooled anyway.  The Church, backed by the transformational power of the Holy Spirit, is nowhere near so powerful in making people change.  It was never so foolish as to claim to.  

So at the end of the day, what is the conclusion?  Principles are not worthless, but we are flawed when we form them.  Results remain important.  If you have principles that are contradicted by how the world actually works, they are wrong.  Even if they came from incredibly smart people like Mises or Hayak.  This is why the Alt-Right is superior to principled conservatism.  Being results based rather than principles based has allowed them to avoid the false principles that has caused conservatism to fail for as long as it’s existed.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Don't be a cuck, stand with Milo

One thing that has become increasingly clear in the past few years is that to be an effective leader in the culture wars, simply having the correct ideas is not enough.  In addition to having the correct ideas, being smart, and being a thought leader, it is necessary to entertain.  And while being entertaining will get you somewhere, even that’s limited.  You also need the type of personality that seeks out conflict.  And you have to be able to out maneuver the media.  

This is why Milo is so brilliant.  There are some people who think that he’s gotten to where he is simply because he’s a gay conservative, but they are wrong.  With his verbal skills, combined with his humor, and his ability to outright troll the media, he would be a star no matter what.  But when you throw on top that the typical leftist dismissal tactic of calling anyone they disagree with a Nazi is simply absurd when applied to a gay jew, and you have a super star.  

So in Milo you have an individual who is conservative, funny, embraces rather than avoids conflict, can troll the media, AND can’t reasonably be called a Nazi because he is a gay jew.  It’s not a shock that he has been effective in changing our culture.  And make no mistake, he has been effective.  His appearances on TV, college tours, and writings on gamergate, have all done tremendous work in getting the word out on how crazy SJWs are.  A lot of other people are currently riding this cultural wave, but Milo is one of the very few people who can claim to have had a hand in creating it.  

Since I’ve been aware of Milo, who came to my attention during gamergate, he’s been taking scalps.  He helped destroy that particular SJW movement, he’s made it ok to show conservatism on college campuses again, and he’s help get Trump elected.  

This is why the left has orchestrated a media hit job on him.  The twisted sub-humans in the media, after finding that Nazi didn’t work switched to pedophile.  These are the same scum that were trying to normalize it just a few months ago.  Lena Dunham, who openly sexually molested her sister while her sister was a toddler, is celebrated.  Salon put up an article about how pedophilia is just another sexual orientation (which is taken down just yesterday).  They don’t care about keeping children safe from sexual predators (quite the opposite), they care about hitting an effective conservative with a smear that will stick in the christian conservative community.  That’s it.  And if you go along with the people who clearly have an agenda of degrading children, all the while thinking you’re fighting against pedophilia, well that would make you a cuck.  Don't be a cuck. Stand with Milo.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Stop calling the left hypocrites

When I was playing basketball in high school, my coaches repeatedly beat into my head that I needed to take a pump fake when getting the ball passed to me in the post.  As is I was just turning and shooting a contested shot that would either miss or get blocked.  But eventually my coach’s instructions started working, and I began to robotically pump fake every time I got the ball.  Most of the time that worked great because my defender was pressed against my shoulder, and as soon as they jumped I could draw an offensive foul and or shoot over them.  But sometimes the defender wasn’t set when I got the ball, and a pump fake just gave them time to recover.  I had to learn that the point of any sort of ball fake, whether it’s a pump fake, pretending to pass to an empty spot on the court behind the defender, or looking at an empty space on the court like there is someone there, the point is to get a defender who is playing good defense be tricked into playing bad defense.  

When liberals cry racism, all they are doing is robotically throwing a pump fake.  Ending racism is not their goal, and never has been.  It’s just empty space they want you to defend.  They’ve learned to do it because it works.  They say that we can’t have voter id laws because they are racist.  Conservatives then respond that black people know how to get photo ids, and thinking they can’t makes Democrats the real racists.  And while the liberal media has everyone pretending that racism an issue massive voter fraud takes place.  

And the truth in this case is that calling democrats the real racists is wrong anyway.  They don’t believe that black people can’t get photo ids either.  They just want unrestricted voter fraud.  

So while there are exceptions where calling democrats out on their bigotry and hatred is good rhetoric, for the most part saying things like “Democrats are the real racists” is just biting on a pump fake.  

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Self Defense While White

The man described in this video is Allen Scarsella, who was just convicted in court.  As the hostile witnesses in the video describe it, he was at a BLM protest filming it.  The protesters didn’t like him and demanded he and his friends remove their masks.  When they didn’t the crowd started punching them, and when they ran the crowd that had been violent started chasing them.  At this point, with a violent angry mob chasing them, Allen shot 5 of them and was able to get away.  

The jury’s statements make it obvious that they were not considering whether or not it is ok for a man being chased by a violent mob to fight back or not, but whether or not Allen was a racist.  And he was found guilty of shooting at the violent mob chasing him, not because they were a violent mob chasing him, but because they were black.  

This was just one of many BLM violent riots that happen in Minnesota’s Twin Cities.  And Allen made a mistake.  He bought into the narrative that this riots are happening because left is illogical and their rhetoric was causing the unintended consequence of violent riots.  And so with that being the case, he thought he could go and stand his ground and defend himself as all citizens have the right to do, and because his only enemies are the cowardly protestors that will only be violent when they think there isn’t any possibility of being hit back, he’d be fine.  What he failed to realize is that the Governor, Mayor, police chief, and local judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys, are all on the side of the riot.  The powers that be want the rioters to do what they want, and they want innocent people to get out of the way and cower in fear.  Allen messed that up, so he had to pay.  

I’m sure that after the Berkeley riots a lot of people are thinking of doing similar things.  But if you do, know all of what and who you are up against, and recognize the full scale of the sacrifice you’ll likely be making.  If someone at Berkeley had done something similar, it’s pretty clear the outcome would have been the same.  They’d be messing with the mayor, police, judges, attorneys, and would be sent to jail for decades for the crime of not letting a mob beat and possibly kill them.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

What will we tell our daughters?

I'm hearing this a lot on social media.  "How will we explain to our daughters about how a misogynist won the presidency?" But just remember what these people wanted to tell their sons.  That they are racist, sexist bigots simply for the conditions of their birth.  That they will not deserve what they have no matter how hard they work, because privilege.  So our sons need to be shamed, shunned, and attacked.

They are driving their sons to commit suicide, or to mutilate their genitals and start calling themselves girls in an act of penance.  What they are saying and doing is evil.  And they deserve no sympathy.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Judgment Cycle

There is a theme in the Bible where God will take certain steps before leveling judgment.  There seem to be two aspects to it.  One is that He is showing mercy to sinners by giving them every possible chance to repent.  The other is that He is stripping away all deceit and plausible deniability, leaving the evil in them bare before destroying them.

You see this with Cain and the people before the flood.  God protected Cain to stop a cycle of murder and feuds from happening.  The whole world became engulfed in murder regardless.  So they were destroyed.

Pharaoh was told to let the Israelites go.  He didn't listen.  He was shown miracle after miracle, and still didn't believe.  Finally he was downed in the Red Sea.

The Israelites were brought into the desert.  They were shown miracle after miracle.  They never stopped being faithless and cowardly.  Finally they were judged to wandering in the desert until they died.

And the process goes on with Israel being prosperous when obeying God and then in their prosperity ditching God for paganism, and suffering drought, famine, locusts, and losing wars.  This cycle is described explicitly in the books of the prophets such as the book of Amos.  I don't want to reprint all of Amos 4, 5 and 6, but the summary is that Israel has been levying unjust taxes, and allowing the powerful to act without regard to justice.  So God has sent prophets, and they did not repent.  And drought, and they did not repent.  And blight, and they did not repent.  And war, and they did not repent.  And so because they would not hear their sins, and they would not respond to the increasing pain God has put them through for continuing to ignore Him, He is now going to destroy them.

I can't help but think of this current election cycle and be concerned.  Haven't we been seeing this?  Haven't we seen a country that celebrates murdering children in the womb?  And for those children that are not murdered, don't we see them being degraded and corrupted by earlier and earlier exposure to sex in the school system?  Haven't we seen our children targeted for corruption by entertainment such as Hannah Montana which morphed into Miley Cyrus, and is merely the latest in a long line of Disney child entertainers turned professional slut.

Killing, degrading, and corrupting children has been a clear part of the liberal agenda since before I was born.  And now leaks have come out that clearly show that Hillary and her inner circle are occult pedophiles.  And yet whats really shocking is that this is shocking.  We knew.  If you ask the question, what would occult pedophiles do if they controlled government, schools, and media, the answer would be what they've been doing for decades.

I've been part of Evangelical Christian institutions all my life.  I went to a Evangelical Christian high school, college, and church.  And not one of them has had the honesty and courage to take a stand and name this evil.  Sure some individuals within have but other individuals who openly aligned with the satanic agenda of the democratic party have also been tolerated.  They've made the absurd case that it's about being nice to people.  Well now we explicitly know.  It's about this.
The rationalizations have been striped away.  The evil is laid bare.  What will you do?  What will your church do?  The opportunities to repent before judgment are running out fast.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The value of a college education

LA Times put out a group of graphs regarding who supports who in the presidential election, that reveals something they probably weren't intending.  If you look at who's in the tank for Hillary by education levels and income levels, two groups stand out.  Those with college and grad degrees, and those making less than 35k per year.