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Friday, November 4, 2011

Why study game

For those interested, there is a debate going on over at about whether or not game theory or pickup artistry has any place in the men's rights movement.  I've thrown in my two cents, and I'll repeat what I wrote there here.

So let me tell you all how it is that I have ended up on this site, for those of you who don’t think that there is any connection between MRA and PUA. My background is conservative christian. I was raised by God fearing parents, went to a private christian high school, and then to a christian college, which I graduated from in 2008. As christian I opposed feminism, and supported traditional family values, the nuclear family, etc. But I was still definitely in the blue pill camp when in came to gender relations. I remember hearing a speaker at my college who told this long story about how he was in love with this girl all through high school, and she never gave him the time of day as she only had eyes for a football player that didn’t know that she existed. Well finally she gave up on the football player and started going out with the speaker. They got engaged. Then the football player noticed her, pumped and dumped her, and left the speaker to pick up the pieces. He then did (what I thought at the time was) the noble thing and married her, and I left the lecture hall thinking about what a good guy he was[for those Christians reading my blog who still see his act as noble, consider the situation with the genders reversed and see if you still think the same thing]. It was not till I stumbled onto first Vox Day’s blog, and then from there to Roissy’s blog, that I really had the scales removed from my eyes. Thanks to Roissy, I’m aware of all kinds of worship of all things feminine and hatred of all things masculine that before just went unnoticed. It’s the reason that I found In Mala Fide, and then by extension this blog. Without Roissy, I would not even be convinced that there is a reason for this blog. And it’s not just that Roissy also writes about MRA, its that through his writing on game theory, I’ve gained a much clearer understanding of what it means to be feminine and what it means to me masculine. As a Christian man, I don’t believe in per-marital sex and I have faithfully practiced that belief. So as far as going to clubs and picking up sluts, I don’t have any use for game. My use for it comes from being able to see the world more clearly, and with that increased clarity, I can see the need for MRA which I missed before.


  1. More and more folks keep waking up, and stop believing in the beautiful lies and are starting to face the ugly truths.

    Thanks for the linkage on your blogroll, I added you to mine.

  2. No problem, I have great respect for you and your blog. Thank you for adding me to your blog role.