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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What is game part 2

The next game idea I'm going to cover is the idea of being a leader. Its pretty self explanatory, but there are a lot of men that may think of themselves as leaders but really don't do any leading. Think about times where there is a directional void in your social interactions. Do you say “I don't know, what do YOU want to do?” or do you take on the role of leadership and give the group direction?

And tying into the idea of being the leader is the principle of not asking for permission. An alpha male will simply assume that whatever he is doing is okay. Part of this is recognizing what is okay before acting so as to not get shot down, but its also done by framing things in such a way that you are in control. A good example of this is the Mystery routine for asking if you can kiss a girl (hat tip to heartiste for this one). Instead of asking a girl if you can kiss her, which is very unsexy and will result in missed opportunities as you'll be ruining the moment, you simply say “Do you want to kiss me.” If she says yes go for it, if she says no you say “Well I never said that you could, you just had that look.” By doing this instead of asking “Can I kiss you?” you maintain your alpha frame as a man who does not need permission.

I feel like before I call it a post and start getting into Biblical application, I should mention just a few more things. Some more terms that you should know are:

Display of higher value (DHV): anything that you do or say that you do or say that shows you to be more dominant, pre-selected, or powerful. Passing a shit test is a DHV.

Display of lower value (DLV): anything that you do or say that shows a lack of dominance, pre-selection, or power. Failing a shit test is a DLV.

Kino: Any kind of physical touch. It does not have to be explicitly sexual, but the idea is that you start with innocuous touch (on the forearm or shoulder for example) to get the girl comfortable with you touching, and then escalate.

Push Pull: push the limits and then pull away first. So first you hold hand, and you make sure that you break away first. Then you hug, and you make sure that you end the embrace, and so on. The idea is that by you pulling away first you will instill a sense of loss leaving the girl wanting more and therefore open to more.

Alpha male other guy (AMOG): anything you do or say that lowers the SMV of another man, which then raises yours.

White Knighting: playing the role of the white knight who saves the maiden is considered beta. It implies that the maiden is of higher value (higher SMV) and has to be manipulated into liking the man.

Try hard: trying to act like an alpha male, but clearly acting, not believing it. For example, if a girl calls you a loser, to respond “No YOUR a loser!” is not reframing but really showing try hard desperation.

A little more on pre-selection. I said it was self explanatory in the last post, but there is more to it than just being wanted by other women. A man who acts like he has options is attractive, because it implies that other women want him. Conversely a man who treats a woman like she is the only one for him demonstrates that he does not have options and therefore other women must know that there is something wrong with him. This is called oneites and it is a major DLV. Observe 

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